What’s the Difference between Aromatherapy Oils and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Want to know the difference between aromatherapy oils and therapeutic grade essential oils? We use all kinds of oils and creams at Bella Reina Spa for massaging and other purposes and these oils have a lot of therapeutic benefits, which is why they are considered “therapeutic grade essential oils”.  The various kinds of oils that

Creative Energy Candle Joins Bella Reina for a Warm Massage

News Alert: Creative Energy Candle Joins Bella Reina for a Warm Massage.  Candle massages have been around for years, but the quality and fragrances were just okay.  The team at Bella Reina recently attended the Les Nouvelle Spa and Esthetics Conference in Miami Beach.  While there, we discovered the most unbelievable candle from Creative Energy

Zoya Creates Spectacular Magical Pixie Dust with this Spring Collection | Magical Pixie 2014

Check out the spectacular Magical Pixie Dust!  When Zoya nail polish first arrived on the scene, we used it at N.Reagan Spa and then at Bella Reina Spa.  It was the only nail polish that wouldn’t harm our clients nails.  For years, the company maintained a conservative viewpoint on the polishes naming them after women’s

Bella Reina Goes Live | Online Beauty & Health Shop

Bella Reina is pleased to enter the online world of beauty, fitness and health shops with the new MiBellaReina.com.  The online shopping website is a new division of BellaReina Spa, Delray Beach’s award winning boutique spa.  Mi Bella Reina which means “my beautiful queen” in Spanish is a new online beauty & health shop to find skincare,