What Your Mom Forgot To Tell You About UVA & UVB Rays, Sunscreens or….

Mom forgot or Mom didn’t know about UVA & UVB rays, sunscreens or the harmful rays of the sun.  Who knew? Growing up at the beach brought days of sailing, fishing and sunning. One factor is true- Mom may not have known then, but now Mom knows. Aging including pigmentation changes, wrinkling, cancer, age spots,

Colloidal Silver Gel | Why is the FDA Looking at it?

As early as 1999, the United States Food and Drug Administration had already launched a binding agency ruling which involves all drugs available over-the-counter containing colloidal silver.  But what is colloidal silver? It is simply a liquid where silver substances are suspended in. While current medical use of silver is restricted to its antibiotic properties,

Three Major Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water for Your Skin (And it Helps Acne)

Discover the three major benefits of drinking alkaline water and it could change your health and your life.  If you could just keep away from the sugar water juices and horrible sodas, you would take a step in the right direction to keep your body healthy and your skin glowing. Alkaline Water – Change your Water