Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Vegan Nail Polish - Valentine's DayValentine’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine is fast approaching and has found the perfect presents for your best friend and everyone you love.  Valentines was originally a religious holiday, but today we think of romantic love on February 14th.  This year don’t forget you!

creative-candles-gift-shop-550x350First on the list are candles, because candles are romantic. None better than the Creative Energy Unisex Massage Candles.  Made of 100% pure vegetable soybean oil and certified organic extra virgin coconut oil, you can light the candles for mood and then flip the switch for a romantic massage. The candles when lit turn into liquid that can be used as a massage oil. Another example of a 2 in 1 product!

Romance Essential Oil BlendNothing says Valentine’s Day more than the Romance Essential Oil Blend from Bella Reina. The essential oils in this Romance essential oil blend are stimulants, aphrodisiacs, and euphoric. Who says you need to watch those TV commercials to get your romantic life rocking? Just place a few drops in a diffuser and watch the mood change. Or add a few drops to organic jojoba oil and give your favorite guy or girl a nice foot massage.

What better to give lip service this Valentine’s Day than an Organic Lip Shimmer topping our Vegan Lipstick.  Crafted with organic shea butter, organic grapeseed and Vegan Lipstick Rebeljojoba oils,botanical extracts and Vitamin E to keep your lips pucker-proof all day, our vegan lipstick will make your lips super kissable. Top it with an organic lip balm that will give your lips a radiant glow and a #bellaglam.

This Valentine’s Day celebrate the romance with fire engine red nails that moisturize and strengthen the nails while glamorously showing that vegan nail polish does not have to be boring. The colors are dazzling and natural nails means you are not using chemicals on your nail bed. The nail bed is porous and anything used on it will be absorbed into your body.

This Valentine’s Day we’ve found the perfect presents for you, your best friend and your sweetie!

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