Where Do You Get Your Skin Care Advice?

Where do you get your skin care advice?
Who do you get your advice from?

  1. Blogs
  2. Magazines
  3. Esthetician
  4. Friend
  5. Skin Care Forum
  6. Advertising
  7. Department Stores
  8. Drug Stores

After browsing the Internet for years now and writing blogs, I am amazed when I read advice on blogs and in forums about skin care. Some of the advice is actually correct, but in many, many cases, the person giving the advice does not understand or know anything about skin care.  They are not estheticians nor dermatologists. So why do you read or listen to skin care advice from people who don’t have the education or knowledge? Keep reading even if you have taken advice from someone like that.

Yesterday, I popped into a skin care forum and the person had a picture of their acne. The answer to the question was totally wrong and I hope that the reader did not follow their directions.  Here is the response to the person in the forum. She is advised the person with acne to get on birth control, use a product that will not help her acne, and another product for scars. None of this advice is correct for this person, because they failed to determine the

forum capture on acne

One of the main reasons that we write this blog is to give you, our Bella readers the correct skin care advice. We have been estheticians for over 20 years, and at our spa between our master and medical estheticians, we have over 120 years experience with skin.  We differ from a lot of estheticians as we look at the whole body, not just the face. We look at the total body so that we can find a root cause of a problem (like acne), before we can find the perfect solution.

From poor elasticity to acne to pigmentation, we have seen and worked with thousands and thousands of skin types, colors and problems. We would like to start a small experiment with this blog post. For the first 25 to respond to this blog post, we will offer you a free skin care advice and coaching session worth $100.00.

Send us your email and we will send you a questionnaire to fill out which will be followed up by a 30 minute skin care coaching session. We are here to educate you and give you the best advice for your #bellaskin.

Receive a $100 Skin care Consultation



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10 thoughts on “Where Do You Get Your Skin Care Advice?

  1. I live in New York City (where you’d think you can find just about any expert and any service). I’ve gone to dermatologists, aestheticians, and dozens and dozens of makeup counters. No one has discussed my skin with me like Nancy, who immediately asked questions about my diet and lifestyle – and how those could contribute to my skin concerns well before trying to sell me on a service or product. The topic of this blog post is one of the reasons why I reached out to the spa (after reading Nancy’s name in the New York Times about Skin Coaching). There are too many “expert” opinions out there, and not many that you can trust. I’m looking forward to discussing more with Nancy as my coaching evolves – even from afar!

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  4. I completely agree to this blog that taking skin care advice from an experienced dermatologist is very important so that we don’t have to suffer with a wrong advice. I am also glad to here about your advice session offer. I think this would really help the others get the best skin care tips.

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